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Non NHS Fees

Private Medical Services (i.e. not covered by the NHS)


Medical Examinations & Reports
Private full medical examination & report £150.00
Private report without medical examination £84.60 inc VAT
Local Authority (or Gov. Dept) medical & report £75.60 inc VAT
Local Authority (or Gov. Dept) report only £42.10
Insurance Reports without examination £97.00
Insurance Medical £103.70
Insurance Report - additional information £25.00
Taxi Medical £90.00 inc VAT
HGV Medical £90.00 inc VAT
Pre-employment Medical (employer) £150.00 inc VAT
Post-employment Report (not vat rated but see * below) £70.00
* Post-employment Report for purposes of joining company pension scheme £84.60 inc VAT
Sports Medical with Examination £100.00 inc VAT
Lighterlife Medicals NOT UNDERTAKEN BY NORTH HOUSE GPs No service
Housing Report £23.60
DWP reports including disability living allowance £32.00
except for DS1500 forms which remain at £17.00 £17.00
DNA testing - requires 30 min apt (NB: DNA testing for evidence of paternity attracts vat) £39.50 (Paternity = £46.08)
Private Sickness Certificates £28 to £58
All basic private medical reports/certificates i.e.. PPP, BUPA £28 to £58
Continuation Disability Claim Form £16.80 inc VAT
Counter Signature & References
Shotgun license (To be agreed with the GP prior to making appt - patient to be informed) £30 inc VAT
Reference for Employment Not Available
Data Protection Act (patient/solicitor)
Extract from computer records £10.00
Extract from manual records or combined manual & computer records £50.00
DVLA Report including medical examination £90.00 inc VAT
DVLA Report without examination £50.00 inc VAT
Driving License Signature £16.50 inc VAT
Holidays & Travel
Holiday cancellation certificate £28.00 inc VAT
Certificate of fitness to travel £42.00 inc VAT
Certificate of vaccination £16.50
Passport countersignature £16.50 inc VAT
Private & other medical work
Private consultation with GP (10 min apt) £40.00 ( £160 an hour)
Private consultation with Nurse (10 min apt) £30.00
"To whom it may concern" letters up to 2 pages £16.50 may also attract VAT @ 20% depending on reason
3 - 5 page letter £20 may also attract VAT @ 20% depending on reason
Citizens Advice Bureau No charge
Drug Safety Research Unit No charge
Register to be a childminder £60.00
HGV/Driving License Certificate £16.50 inc VAT
Elderly Driver Fitness Certificate £24.00 inc VAT
Private Investigations
Resting ECG £40.00
Spirometry £40.00
Private blood tests are to be marked private and the patient billed by Hospital
Rabies per vaccination £50.70 per vaccination/appt
JAP B Encephalitis per vaccination £56.80 per vaccination/appt
Ixiaro Japanese Encephalitis per vaccination £88.20 per vaccination/appt
Meningitis ACWY £70.00
Yellow Fever £49.70
Hep B - per vaccination (Engerix B - Travel purposes only) £25.60 per vaccination/appt
Tick-borne encephalitis £60.40
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